Operations & Maintenance

  • Oil filtration could reduce transformer faults, cut O&M costs

    Emerging oil filtration techniques could minimize pad-mount transformer faults and reduce one of the biggest sources of wind farm balance-of-plant (BoP) maintenance, Judah Moseson, vice president of operations at service provider Cooke Power Services, told Wind Energy Update.

  • New data analysis models aim to raise turbine reliability to 99.5%

    Improving wind turbine reliability to 99.5% will require new data analysis approaches across the industry as existing techniques won’t allow the sector to go above current reliability levels, according to Carsten Westergaard, senior advisor, Wind and Water at the Sandia National Laboratories and Professor of Practice at Texas Tech University.

  • Turbine suppliers offer longer service contracts, cut O&M charges

    Wind turbine manufacturers are responding to greater operations and maintenance (O&M) competition with longer maintenance contracts and lower service charges, experts told Wind Energy Update.

  • Bearings, data analytics to lead O&M cost cuts

    Predictive maintenance will allow wind farm operators to maximize gains from the latest bearings research and extend gearbox lifespans in the coming years, industry experts said.

  • Duke Energy estimates cost savings of up to 35% from shifting to in-house O&M

    Switching to self-performance of wind farm operations and maintenance (O&M) at end of warranty can cut costs by between 25% and 35% and allow operators to make more design improvements to increase unit reliability, Jeff Wehner, VP Renewable Operations, Duke Energy, said.

  • Pro-active upgrades boost income of ageing turbines

    Operators are performing strategic upgrades, leveraging remote data analysis and optimizing spare parts supply chains to maximize the performance of ageing assets.

  • O&M post-warranty competition spurs innovation as costs fall

    Post-warranty service costs have fallen on increased competition and technological advances and operators must select the solution most tailored to their risk profile.

  • Operators tighten control of spare parts risk

    Predictive technologies have provided onshore wind farm operators with new cost-saving tools to plan spare parts strategies and operators are taking a more hands-on approach to component logistics.

  • Iberwind builds on 98% availability with fresh yaw, blade gains

    Portugal’s Iberwind has increased the availability of its wind farms by around 4% since 2007 and expects further performance improvements following trailblazing tests on yaw alignment and blade aerodynamics, Rui Maia, Iberwind’s Operation and Maintenance Manager, said.

  • Gearbox faults to plummet on small part upgrades, predictive tools

    Advances in component manufacturing and performance forecasting are set to halve the number of gearbox faults within a few years, Edwin Hidding, GE product manager, said.

  • European tariff cuts support cost-saving lifespan extensions

    Firms in markets offering low incentives for repowering have developed cost efficient maintenance which can expand lifespans by as much as ten years and improve condition monitoring systems to maximize profits.

  • Spares storage can halve downtimes, cut purchase prices

    Improving spare-parts strategies can slice fault-related downtimes for onshore turbines and many plant operators are storing some components just a few hours away, sector experts said.

  • Predictive repair technology to usher in fresh savings

    New technology which accelerates data analysis and improves component monitoring is forecast to drive the European onshore wind industry towards predictive operations and maintenance models in 2016.

  • UK set to lower blade erosion costs though new analysis tools

    The UK Offshore Renewable Energy (ORE) Catapult center is in talks with a number of firms to join its $1.5 million (GBP1 million) project aimed at reducing the impact of turbine blade erosion and cutting electricity output costs, Andy Kay, ORE’s engineering lead for the program, said.

  • Alliant Energy cuts O&M costs by up to 30% in booming Iowa market

    Midwest utility Alliant Energy has lowered Operations and Maintenance costs by using preventive maintenance and a hybrid service model that leverages internal turbine expertise and third party service providers, Michelle Arenson, Regional Director of Wind Generation and Operations at Alliant Energy told Wind Energy Update.


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